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Everyone is acutely aware that we should still be cautious even after “freedom day”. Whilst there are currently rising cases (as was expected following the relaxation of most restrictions), risks of serious illness or hospitalisation are much lower than before.

There is currently pressure for masks to be worn in certain situations. Wearing masks just doesn’t work with ceilidh dancing (or indeed most sorts of dancing). Therefore masks will not be required at any point during this event. You are of course welcome to wear one if you wish.

Clearly there are personal risks involved in going to any public event nowadays (as there always has been), including this one. That is your choice and by attending you are accepting that risk. As a result we will not be providing hand sanitiser, although you may of course bring your own and hand washing facilities are available.

In order to reduce these risks, entry to Exeter Ceilidhs is restricted to those who are either double vaccinated, or have a recent negative test. Under 18s are exempt from this requirement.

You should of course avoid attending if you are feeling unwell or isolating.

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What's a Ceilidh?

Pronounced “kay-lee”, it's a dance suitable for anyone, from 8 to 80, whether you've been dancing for years or yet to venture out on a dance floor. It’s also great fun - think lively barn dance.

Tell me more...

The dances are held at the Kenn Centre, Kennford, The centre is an excellent venue, with modern facilites, ample free parking and a lovely large hall. It is also very easy to get to. Cost is £8 for adults, £4 under 16, Under 10s free.

But I've never even danced before...

This is where the caller comes in. They are in charge of the evening, and tell everyone what to do. It's their job to pick dances suitable for the audience, to organise getting people onto the dance floor in the right place, and telling them what to do. Dances are walked through first, which means you are talked through the dance a couple of times, then you dance it to music while the caller continues to remind you what to do.

I can’t dance for toffee, you can’t possibly want me there…

Nonsense! Ceilidhs are accessible to everyone. All experience levels are totally welcome. We were all beginners once!

Do I need a partner?

For most dances, yes - but you don't need to bring one! People freely swap dance partners throughout the evening.


Dances are generally held on the last Saturday of every month, excluding July, August and December. Sometimes this is changed to avoid conflicts with other events or hall restrictions, so please always check the website.

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